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About Us
Texas CMBL Certified
Texas HUB Certified
• Executive leadership over municipal departments including Housing, Health, Police, Fire, Library and Code Compliance
• Executive leadership over Police Internal Affairs and Criminal Investigations
• Lecturer/Trainer on conducting police administrative investigations
• Child Protective Services investigations (Texas)
• Graduate level course design and instruction on investigations
• Creation and management of entry level and promotional examinations for government agencies across the United States
• Strategic Employee Sourcing and Workforce Planning and Job Readiness Training
• Competency-Based Employee Screening and Assessments to Determine Training Needs
• Coaching, Career Counseling and Mentoring
• Succession Planning and Talent Management
• Organizational Assessment and Organizational Development
• Curriculum and Program Development and Training of Trainers
• Developed pre-employment process for the City of Arlington, Texas police department
• Conducted pre-employment background investigations for the Broken Arrow Police Department, Broken Arrow, Ok., enhancing background investigation procedures to include extensive in-person interviews along with revising the background questionnaire.
• Developed in-service training curriculum required by CLEET (Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training)
• Handled all citizen complaints lodged against Deputies at the Denton Country Sheriff's Department in Denton, Texas.
• Conducted all complaint investigations and upon completion provided disciplinary administrative recommendations to the Sheriff.

• Developed field investigations curriculum for the Iraqi National Police
• Created and developed the background investigation procedures for the US Department of State for the CIVPOL program.
• Wrote the curriculum for conducting background investigations for the CIVPOL program.
• Conducted highly sensitive administrative investigations for DynCorp International and provided recommendations to the President of the Company.
• Initiated and developed the United Nations standards and exams for the selection and recruitment for the Kosovo Police Service applicants.
• Initiated and led the UN multi-national team of background investigators assigned to the examination and selection unit of the Kosovo Police Service. (CIVPOL from 14 countries)
• Developed and created the background investigation procedures for applicants for the Kosovo Police School. Created the curriculum for training the background investigators assigned to this unit.
• Conducted salary studies for justice positions in more than 30 international countries.
• Introduced Community Policing to Brazilian Federal and Military Police
• Invited Guest of Qatar Institute for Sports Studies in preparation for World Cup games